mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Work in Progress


I know you missed me (at least I hope so, haha!).
I went away for traveling around with my boyfriend and our new-old van (how hippie of us).

We travel to Squamish and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. Our first vacation in a while.
Moving out to Vancouver doesn't really count as holiday for my part.
Nevertheless I enjoy it every seconds!

The Sunshine coast is so beautiful. It was a really inspirational, quiet and resourcing holiday.
We camped in the woods, ate fire melted marshmallows on a stick (the best!!) and did kayak on the sea.
And I saw seals when we were kayaking!!! I was so unbelievably and ridiculously happy!
I know seals are not that unusual, on the sunshine coast it's practically like seeing pigeons on Paris street, but seals and sea lions are my favorites animals. I know weird, right?

I wish I took pictures of it, there were like twenty of them, swimming around us with their cute little heads popping out of the sea, looking at us intrigued. But a camera and the sea is not the best idea so I conclude it's was one of those experienced you have to remembered.

And now since we came back, I'm in the process of making my new collection!
Usually I do sketching on my notebook and when I'm satisfied with the design I start my pattern on a piece of paper. Then I'm doing the sewing and construction.

But this time, I decided to make things right. Like a real fashion collection.
So, first thing no more scribbles on paper.

My friends, I start learning Adobe Illustrator. Yay!

I did a lot (like seriously HOURS) of illustrator tutorials online for this.
The best I found right now are this and that.

And tadaaaaaa!

An another seal is hiding on this picture. Can you spot it? 

Now I can do perfect flat sketches for my collection.
I love how it has a very clean, bright look. I'm kind of a perfectionist with drawings (someone said maniac?).
Next step, patterns on illustrator. That's a big challenge.

There will be more coming soon, guys. Stay tuned!

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