lundi 12 novembre 2012

West Coast Road Trip

Moving to Vancouver was also to have the opportunity of travel a lot. After the Sunshine Coast in BC, I wanted more. So we did an amazing road trip with my boyfriend and one of my friend who was visiting us.
I fell in love of the West Coast, especially San Francisco, but I also loved all the smallest cities and National Parks on the 101 Highway.
We began with Seattle then Portland and San Francisco was the last stop in the south. And with a lot of stops between all this cities.

Since I came back I realized that I have mostly summer clothes with me and it's definitely not summer anymore here! So I have to make some winter as soon as possible. I will came back shortly with that.

Last thing, a surprise in my Etsy shop at the end of the week, so you should come back ...

Here some the road trip pictures.

A cute map made by my boyfriend with all our stops.
If I look impressed it's certainly because I am. The Seattle's troll and me.

Famous Public Market of Seattle. 
Going to a concert in Seattle is so great! It's really a city of musics.
We saw Beach House that night.

A place were you can even have a party in a convenient store... with an actual DJ!

Our sweet Portland couch surfer Mike, me and my friend Anaïs,
 (also known as my fashion model).
Whaaaaales!! A male and a female!
My favorite : Sea Lions.
Tried to steal one but didn't succeed...yet!
So gorgeous view of the coast.

The Redwood National Park and its huge red cedar trees.
San Francisco
We should have taken the cable car but we always forgot.     

 As a big big fan of Tales of the city, being in SF and especially in Castro was mythical. 
A last view of the city...
Sausalito and its beautiful houseboats.
On the road again.
Crater Lake and a new friend.
Hood River's pumpkin fields.

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