lundi 27 août 2012

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C'est la rentrée, people!!

This is the french to say "back to school" but I'm still not sure it's the same...
Because when we say "rentrée" it not necessarily means "school". Do I have to say "back to work" because I'm an adult ??!! Oh, I'm very confused with learning a new language and expressions!

However, more seriously, because this a serious topic, the "back to school" topic, here what I like about the end of august/september month:

First, I realized (again) this morning that now I'm a grown-up I will never have to go to school again!
It has been years now, but everytime, each september I'm so happy I have to repeat it : NO MORE HIGHSCHOOL!
No more mean girls! No more homeworks! No more pimples-on-face-when-speaking-to-handsome-guy! Hmm, no this last one is not so-true, damn chocolates and french charcuteries...

September is also one of the most important month for fashion.
You have all the new trend for Autumn/winter in magazines, the new collections in shops and soon the fashion weeks!!
I love how I get very inspired in Fall with all this (and now that I know Pinterest, I'm over the moon with it!).

So I have to go, because now I want to make a new trench for fall!!
I have a perfect fabric for that. A very thick sateen cotton! It's pink, so not very fall-ish to me (Brown and burgundy are the colors) but it will be very pretty! Maybe I will take some picture soon for you.

And if you are still searching for the perfect blouse to wear in september, stop searching, I have it in my shop!

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