mardi 4 décembre 2012

AideeDoazan promo still on-going!


As I see myself a little bit like a feminine version of Santa Claus I decided to extend my 45% reduction until Christmas day (that's December 25) (just in case...).
So, you can still buy my beautiful clothes for nearly half the original price with the promotion code: onequarterofcentury

The promotion code will be added after the purchase so the price on etsy are without the 45%.
All is available here: AideeDoazan
Don't hesitate to ask me things about size or shipment! I'm here for you guys!

Bonjour mes compatriotes!

J'ai décidé de prolonger ma promotion de moins 45% sur mes vêtements en boutique jusqu'au 25 décembre, toujours avec le code: onequarterofcentury
Il est encore temps d'en profiter et ça se passe là: AideeDoazan

Le code de promotion est à rajouter à l'achat, donc tous les prix actuellement affichés seront réduit de 45%.

samedi 17 novembre 2012

One Quarter Of Century !!

It's my birthday and so for this occasion I have a little treat for you all.
Starting now and until the end of the month everything on my Etsy Store is 45% off with this promo code : onequarterofcentury


lundi 12 novembre 2012

West Coast Road Trip

Moving to Vancouver was also to have the opportunity of travel a lot. After the Sunshine Coast in BC, I wanted more. So we did an amazing road trip with my boyfriend and one of my friend who was visiting us.
I fell in love of the West Coast, especially San Francisco, but I also loved all the smallest cities and National Parks on the 101 Highway.
We began with Seattle then Portland and San Francisco was the last stop in the south. And with a lot of stops between all this cities.

Since I came back I realized that I have mostly summer clothes with me and it's definitely not summer anymore here! So I have to make some winter as soon as possible. I will came back shortly with that.

Last thing, a surprise in my Etsy shop at the end of the week, so you should come back ...

Here some the road trip pictures.

A cute map made by my boyfriend with all our stops.
If I look impressed it's certainly because I am. The Seattle's troll and me.

Famous Public Market of Seattle. 
Going to a concert in Seattle is so great! It's really a city of musics.
We saw Beach House that night.

A place were you can even have a party in a convenient store... with an actual DJ!

Our sweet Portland couch surfer Mike, me and my friend Anaïs,
 (also known as my fashion model).
Whaaaaales!! A male and a female!
My favorite : Sea Lions.
Tried to steal one but didn't succeed...yet!
So gorgeous view of the coast.

The Redwood National Park and its huge red cedar trees.
San Francisco
We should have taken the cable car but we always forgot.     

 As a big big fan of Tales of the city, being in SF and especially in Castro was mythical. 
A last view of the city...
Sausalito and its beautiful houseboats.
On the road again.
Crater Lake and a new friend.
Hood River's pumpkin fields.

mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Work in Progress


I know you missed me (at least I hope so, haha!).
I went away for traveling around with my boyfriend and our new-old van (how hippie of us).

We travel to Squamish and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. Our first vacation in a while.
Moving out to Vancouver doesn't really count as holiday for my part.
Nevertheless I enjoy it every seconds!

The Sunshine coast is so beautiful. It was a really inspirational, quiet and resourcing holiday.
We camped in the woods, ate fire melted marshmallows on a stick (the best!!) and did kayak on the sea.
And I saw seals when we were kayaking!!! I was so unbelievably and ridiculously happy!
I know seals are not that unusual, on the sunshine coast it's practically like seeing pigeons on Paris street, but seals and sea lions are my favorites animals. I know weird, right?

I wish I took pictures of it, there were like twenty of them, swimming around us with their cute little heads popping out of the sea, looking at us intrigued. But a camera and the sea is not the best idea so I conclude it's was one of those experienced you have to remembered.

And now since we came back, I'm in the process of making my new collection!
Usually I do sketching on my notebook and when I'm satisfied with the design I start my pattern on a piece of paper. Then I'm doing the sewing and construction.

But this time, I decided to make things right. Like a real fashion collection.
So, first thing no more scribbles on paper.

My friends, I start learning Adobe Illustrator. Yay!

I did a lot (like seriously HOURS) of illustrator tutorials online for this.
The best I found right now are this and that.

And tadaaaaaa!

An another seal is hiding on this picture. Can you spot it? 

Now I can do perfect flat sketches for my collection.
I love how it has a very clean, bright look. I'm kind of a perfectionist with drawings (someone said maniac?).
Next step, patterns on illustrator. That's a big challenge.

There will be more coming soon, guys. Stay tuned!

lundi 27 août 2012

Back to

C'est la rentrée, people!!

This is the french to say "back to school" but I'm still not sure it's the same...
Because when we say "rentrée" it not necessarily means "school". Do I have to say "back to work" because I'm an adult ??!! Oh, I'm very confused with learning a new language and expressions!

However, more seriously, because this a serious topic, the "back to school" topic, here what I like about the end of august/september month:

First, I realized (again) this morning that now I'm a grown-up I will never have to go to school again!
It has been years now, but everytime, each september I'm so happy I have to repeat it : NO MORE HIGHSCHOOL!
No more mean girls! No more homeworks! No more pimples-on-face-when-speaking-to-handsome-guy! Hmm, no this last one is not so-true, damn chocolates and french charcuteries...

September is also one of the most important month for fashion.
You have all the new trend for Autumn/winter in magazines, the new collections in shops and soon the fashion weeks!!
I love how I get very inspired in Fall with all this (and now that I know Pinterest, I'm over the moon with it!).

So I have to go, because now I want to make a new trench for fall!!
I have a perfect fabric for that. A very thick sateen cotton! It's pink, so not very fall-ish to me (Brown and burgundy are the colors) but it will be very pretty! Maybe I will take some picture soon for you.

And if you are still searching for the perfect blouse to wear in september, stop searching, I have it in my shop!

jeudi 23 août 2012

Happy Birthday Gene!

A few days ago, I was walking in Main Street just a couple block from my apartment, when I was attired by something in this shop Much&Little.
I couldn't believe it at first but yes, it was a Lauren Moffatt shirt!

And they had more amazing pieces inside... Just gorgeous!

I have to tell you, I'm such a big fan of Lauren Moffatt! And it was the first time I saw it in the flesh.
So perfect outfits and so well-made. One more thing making me so happy to have move in Vancouver!

Here some of her collection :

Now I'm looking forward to Automn

Also, today the wonderful Gene Kelly would have been 100 years old. 
That would have been RAD! (haha I try to learn the slang here in Vancouver) (maybe I need to progress a little more...)

Because I love this song so much and Gene's sexy smile, here's a treat for you!

An another one I love love love! And this is a choregraphy I learned some years ago when I was a tap-dancer. 
Yep, secret past life!

See you!

samedi 18 août 2012

Etsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...

I remember that some time ago (yes, one year ago, I know, just shhh) I said something about putting items on Etsy.
Here it is, with the collection from my last fashion show for sale.

Many thanks to the beautiful Anaïs for being my model. You're the best!

There is half of the collection on Etsy right now. The rest will be add in a few days. This time I mean it.


And also a little treat for people loving Hollywood gossip as much as me, I found my next "Iwillbeonlineallnightlong" website.
Oh I'm sure some of you expected something like this, but sorry guys, I'm a classic Hollywood lover.