mercredi 15 août 2012

Vancouver rules, baby!!

So, yes I know.
My blog was in kind of a coma lately.
But I have good reasons of course (haha, haven't we all?).

I move from Paris to Vancouver in Canada, guys!

The months to come will be very different for me, obviously. And here, what is going to change in this blog:

First, from now on I will write in english (or try to do it). But if my french fan club want me to translate in french, no problem.
By "french fan club" i don't mean just you papa... I will hoping for a little more people!

Secondly, this time I will try to be more rigorous with this thing. Maybe one post each six months isn't very attractive for a blog, maybe.

And at last, I think I will not doing more Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter Collection in the next months.
This is time consuming with not a very good money-wise result.
So I will prefer to do small collection every month or couple of months, to keep it fresh and find a better opening for my fashion designs. But, we will see...

How does this sound?

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